New PvP Honor System

New PvP Honor System

  • Honor System Version 3
  • PvP Talent System
  • Honor rank 1-50 : as you progress, you earn perks, bonuses, talents.
  • Examples: Abolish Magic, Adaptation, Blood and Soil, Initiation, Mind Quickness, Necrotic Strike.
  • Prestige: Gain Prestige Ranks. If you want, you can reset your honour level and go through it again for cosmetic reasons.
  • Earn Portrait Badges to see how many times you have “Prestiged”, unique mounts (ex was Black Warhorse), Unique PvP Artifact Variants

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Apexis Crystal Bonus Weekend July 3 – 6

Apexis Crystal Bonus Weekend July 3 – 6

During the Sign of Apexis bonus weekend, you’ll gain bonus Apexis Crystals from eligible creatures. Furthermore, completing three area assault objectives during the event also awards a sizable amount of Oil to fuel your Naval Missions.

The point of picking up lots and lots of extra Apexis Crystals is, of course, to spend them! Here are some of the possibilities.

For most players, spending Apexis Crystals on gear upgrades is a great way to improve your overall item level. There’s something for every slot at item level 650, so if you’ve still got a low-level item in one or two slots, you’re covered. Visit Ravenspeaker Thelnaas in Tanaan Jungle to buy armor for 5,000 Crystals apiece, a weapon for 10,000 Crystals, and Empowered Apexis Fragments for 20,000 Crystals. Empowered Apexis Fragments are Account-bound, and upgrade your Baleful gear from ilvl 650 to ilvl 695.

Some nice new collectibles came along with Tanaan Jungle. You’ll want to consider:

  • Reins of the Corrupted Dreadwing mount (150,000 Apexis Crystals)
  • Rukhmar’s Sacred Memory toy (50,000 Apexis Crystals)
  • Blazin Firehawk pet (2,000 Apexis Crystals)
  • Solar Priest Vayx follower (1,000 Apexis Crystals)

The bonus weekend is underway, and runs through the end of the day on Monday, July 6.

What are you aiming to buy with your extra crystals?


New Ladder Maps for 2015 Season 3

New Ladder Maps for 2015 Season 3

First, we’d like to thank TeamLiquid and everyone who participated in their map contest. Your votes and participation aided in selecting the 1v1 map pool this season. In accordance with your votes, we agree that having a diverse set of maps both in the ladder and in tournaments is critical in order to keep each map feeling fresh and unique. Below are the maps we’ve selected to bring such a map pool to life.


Bridgehead took 2nd place in the community-voted Team Liquid map contest. We believe this map is extremely unique (and quite cool) thanks to its high-level layout, which is very different from maps we’ve seen in StarCraft II so far. Due to its far-away bases and multiple attack routes, we expect to see more mobile strategies used on this map. Ultimately, we see Bridgehead as a map that the community strongly desires, and as a map that could bring more diverse strategies to StarCraft II in Season 3.

Dash and Terminal immediately stands out due to the nearby High Yield expansions that players can utilize early on. Similarly to Habitation Station, it could turn out that Terran players may be able to float their Command Centers to these gold bases to start games. The map also boasts a number of unique attributes, such as the mutually distant High Yield expansion, the island expansion that’s accessible to both players by air, and a wide variety of pathways connecting each of the bases on the map. We are excited to see what kind of games play out on this unique map.

Moonlight Madness is a great example of a more “standard” map . . . with a twist. The unique feature on this map is easy access to three bases early on until the two destructible rocks are broken. Keeping an eye on the state of these two rocks will be critical, and we think that the three-base setup may ultimately be different in an effective way. We’re always keeping an eye out for standard maps that have a stand-out cool factor, and we believe this map qualifies.

You guys voted Terraform as the best map in the latest map contest, so we decided to include it in the Season 3 map pool. How the High Yield expansion works out looks interesting in that any ranged units can perform harassment attacks well against this area from behind the mineral patches. Between the attack-paths and the collapsible rocks, we see great potential for exciting and complex positioning plays.

Team Maps

For team maps, we wanted a good mix of unique maps as well as more standard maps. Because there are many players in team games, we feel that the rate at which we push for big changes in map diversity for team games should be slower than in 1v1 games.


This map has two opposite paths your team can take to the enemy. If the center rocks aren’t broken, it’ll be difficult to move around to defend the other attack route, so a mobile army would be preferred here. Air-based armies will also shine on this map due to the close air-to-air distance.

The main stand-out features on this map are the High Yield natural expansions. We’re excited to potentially see strategies based around mineral-heavy team compositions utilizing this map feature.


This is a fairly standard 3v3 fortress-style map. We expect that the way games flow on Backcountry won’t be too surprising.

This map features a very long ground path to the opposing team, but a close air-to-air distance. We expect to see more air-based compositions on this map.


Although all players start out rather separated, there is also a shared choke point through which any ground armies must pass. In the later stages of the game, the team that controls the center, low-ground area will have access to lots of High Yield resource expansions. This means the playstyles on this map could range from early rushes to more coordinated center map control play.

On this map, two of four players start together, but other than that, the map itself is fairly standard. We don’t expect anything crazy to happen here, and this will most likely be a solid, standard map.

Once again we thank you for your participation and hope you are as excited for the kickoff of Season 3 and its new maps for the ladder and WCS!


Experimental weapon stolen from Watchpoint: Grand Mesa


Officials Confirm Connection to Earlier Incidents

GRAND JUNCTION, CO—A masked intruder has attacked a former Overwatch facility, injuring a number of private security guards and stealing military equipment.


According to United States government spokesperson Marc Guerra, the incident occurred around 4 a.m. local time on Monday at Watchpoint: Grand Mesa, a remote facility in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Helix Security International personnel who were stationed at the former Overwatch base engaged in a firefight with the attacker, but they failed to apprehend him.

One of the guards, speaking on condition of anonymity, claimed that the assailant possessed speed and strength beyond anything “a normal person” should be capable of. “He was a professional,” the guard also said. “Confident. Surgical. Had all the hallmarks of someone with advanced military training.”

No deaths were reported. Several Helix employees are being treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

This event comes after a week during which multiple former Overwatch bases were targeted. In each case, the intruder stole experimental weaponry and other military equipment from the facilities. Guerra has confirmed that similar items were taken from Watchpoint: Grand Mesa, including a prototype for a heavy pulse rifle.


“This is a highly advanced weapon, originally developed by Overwatch,” Guerra said. “We believe the assailant intends to sell it on the black market. Our greatest fear is that it could end up in the hands of a terrorist group or a rogue nation.”

Guerra would not comment on the intruder’s identity, which remains a mystery. However, he stated that the assailant is connected with a series of recent attacks at financial institutions and corporate buildings around the country. “Multiple US government agencies are working together to track down this dangerous individual,” Guerra said. “Rest assured that we will bring him to justice.”