Sylvanas makes her entree in the Nexus




Sylvanas, the Banshee Queen, has recently been added to the ever increasing roster of heroes in Heroes of the Storm. Alongside a hefty patch full of numerous

updates for existing heroes and UI tweaks, the fan favorite Dark Lady is finally playable since her announcement at BlizzCon.

Sylvanas has three primary abilities. Withering Fire attacks the nearest enemy prioritizing heroes over minions. This ability has five charges and each attack consumes one charge. Charges are gained when nearby minions and heroes are killed. This attack offers great mobility options as she can be running away from a hero while still attacking them. Her Shadow Dagger ability damages an enemy with a small burst of initial damage along with additional damage over two seconds. This damage will spread to nearby enemies making it ideal for clusters of enemies and group fights. Her last primary ability is Hunting Wave which sends a wave of banshees in front of her that deal damage and allow Salvanas to teleport to them if she casts the ability again before the banshees dissipate.

Her Heroic abilities are Wailing Arrow and Possession. Wailing Arrow fires a shot that will explode causing massive damage and stunning anything hit by it for 2.5 seconds. The arrow that is fired can be detonated at any point in its path by activating the ability again. Possession mind controls an enemy minion to fight for you and grants the unit a 20% increase to health and damage. The Wailing Arrow is incredibly powerful and can very easily turn the tide of a team fight. The 2.5 second stun is devastating on top of the initial damage the ability causes.

Sylvanas also has a Ranger-General skin and players can purchase it along with Sylvanas as a discounted bundle.


Council of the Black Harvest


The Council of the Black Harvest (previously called “The Council of Six Daggers” in the Mists-Logo-Small Beta) is a powerful, shadowy organization of 6 warlock trainers from around Azeroth and Outland whose existence was revealed by the book, [Legacy of the Masters]. They have presumably “unlocked the secrets of the most destructive forces to ever threaten Azeroth.” What this means is not immediately clear, but implies that this group has discovered some new powers in the wake of Deathwing’s fall.



Kanrethad Ebonlocke


Source : Wowwiki

Jubeka Shadowbreaker



After convening with her fellow warlocks on the council, Jubeka was partnered with Kanrethad Ebonlocke to return to Outland.[1] Her journal was returned to Azeroth by her imps and given to trustworthy souls, who then passed it on to a warlock who sought to unlock the Codex of Xerrath. Her soulstone was shattered into four parts and left in the lands she visited: Hellfire Peninsula, Netherstorm, the Blade’s Edge Mountains, andShadowmoon Valley.

Her journal indicated her growing concern – and suspicion – of Kanrethad’s intentions. At the Altar of Damnation in Shadowmoon, she accused him of not only trying to control more powerful demons, but to essentially become one himself. Kanrethad confirmed this, and told her that the reason he had chosen her as his associate was so that if he failed and became fully corrupted, she was to banish him forever. She agreed, and accompanied him inside the Black Temple to discover how Illidan Stormrage had been able to control demons beyond the grip of the Burning Legion.

The warlock who followed her trail confronted Kanrethad at the summit of the Temple and defeated him; Jubeka fulfilled the promise she had made to banish Kanrethad, and now stands guard over him at the Altar of Damnation.